DenLine Uniforms - Unisex Short Length Lab Jackets (31.5")
Quincy, Illinois, USA

Unisex Short Length Lab Jackets

Two Style Choices to Meet Differing Employee Protection and Comfort Needs


DenLine Protection Plus


DenLine Protection Plus II

Style Differences...


with High Breathable Back Fabric


with High Breathable Front & Back Fabric
Fluid Resistance High Incidental Splash Incidental Splash
Hydrostatic Pressure
(AATCC 127)
>300.0 mm >200.0 mm
Garment Comfort
Air Permeability
(ATSM D 737)
20.0 Cubic Ft./Min. 40.0 Cubic Ft./Min. Industry Leading
Breathability Comparable to this % Poly/Cotton Blend 70% Poly/30% Cotton 50% Poly/50% Cotton

Both Style Choices Offer...

  • Durable Fluid Resistant Finish, Tested Repellent through 7 Years @ 26 Washes per Year (Industry Exclusive)
  • 360° Employee Protection, Fluid Resistant Front and Back for OSHA Compliance
  • Coats Designed to be Sanitized during Laundering for Employee Safety, Formula Meets CDC/HICPAC Recommendations for Processing Medical Linen
  • Stain Resistant to All Aqueous Liquids (Blood, Bleach, Select Reagents)
  • Anti-Static Fabric - Prevents Damage to Computers, False Instrument Readings
  • Lint Free - Prevents Sample Contamination
  • Round Neck, No Collar
  • Raglan Sleeves For Extra Shoulder Room and Comfortable Fit.
  • Spun Woven Cuffs, Low Pill, "Quick Dry"

Durable Construction for "Trouble-Free" Wear Life

  • 3 "No-Fail" Pockets, Double Stitched, Bar Tack Reinforced
  • Heavy-Duty, Stainless-Steel Snaps — Lifetime Guaranteed*
* Continental US Only