DenLine Uniforms - DL151 Ladies Long Length Lab Coats (Round Neck, No Collar) (39")
Quincy, Illinois, USA

Ladies Long Length Lab Coats (Round Neck, No Collar)


DenLine Protection Plus

Style DL151
Length 39"
Sizes 2XS - 3XL

  • Fabric – Fluid & Stain Resistant, 99% Polyester/1% Carbon, Continuous Filament, Textured Construction
  • Full Cut A-Line Design
    • Increased Roominess through Lower Body/Hip Area.
    • More Air Circulation to Upper Body and Arms.
    • Better Top of Leg Protection when Seated
  • Fluid Resistant Front and Back (OSHA 29CFR 1910)
    • 360° Protection – Front, Arms, Splash Past Face to Shoulders & Upper Back
    • Meets AAMI PB70 Level 2 for Use in BSL-1 & BSL-2 Laboratories
  • Sanitizing Laundry Process
    High Temperature Fabric Enables Coat to be Sanitized per CDC/HICPAC Recommendations for Processing Medical Bloodborne Linen
    • Steam Tunnel Compatible for Finishing (260° F to 295° F)
    • Autoclavable Fabric (274° F/135° C)
  • Breathable Back Fabric – 40.0 CFM
    • Overall Coat Average – 20.0 CFM, Comparable to Polyester/Cotton Blend
  • 3 Pockets: “No Failure” Stitching.
    • Double Stitched, Bar Tack Reinforced Top Corners.
      Double Stitched, Bar Tacked
    • 90° Corners at Pocket Bottom – Prevents “Punch Out” of Corners.
      90 Degrees Pocket Corners
  • Cuffs 4” Long, Comfortable, Stain Resistant, Low Pill, Spun Woven Polyester
  • Tapered Sleeves prevent catching on things when reaching. With the cuffs over-gloved, provides protection to the forearm
  • Heavy Duty E-Z Snap Closures (Lifetime Guaranteed)
  • Side Vents for Access to Pant Pockets
  • Back Belt Detail