DenLine Uniforms - Impervious Disposable Lab Coats


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Impervious Disposable Lab Coats

DenLine Fluid Guard Lab Coats

Impervious Disposable Lab Coats

Style DL3960-3P (3 Pockets)
Impervious Disposable Lab Coats

DenLine FluidGuard™ Lab Coats


  • Impervious, Microporous Laminated Film
  • High Vapor/Air Transmission Rate, Breathable & Comfortable to Wear
  • 3 Pockets, Snap Front Closures, Knit Cuffs, and Knit Collar

AAMI PB70 Level 3

Suggested Impervious Applications:

Medical Labs
Dental Surgery
Food Processing
Environmental Clean Up
Product Specifications Test Method Test Results
Fluid Resistance Level AAMI PB70 3
Hydrostatic Pressure AATCC 127 1,019.7 cm
Impact Penetration AATCC 42 0.0 g
Blood Penetration ASTM F1670 Pass
Chemo Tested Material* ASTM F739 Pass
Air Permeable Microporous Film Comfortable
Lint Free, Low Shedding Particle Holdout
0.3-0.5 micron
AntiStatic 1010
Latex Free Yes
Color White
Sizes S-3XL
Packaged 10 Coats Per Package

* While DL3960-3P material has been tested against chemotherapy drugs, the lab coat style itself does not meet ASTM F3267.

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DenLine does not make any representation that this lab coat style will provide complete protection from exposure to liquids, such as acids, chemo, etc., that may contact the wearers skin, or will eliminate the risk of contracting infectious diseases.