DenLine Uniforms - DL175 Unisex Long Length Open Back Gown (41")
Quincy, Illinois, USA

Unisex Long Length Open Back Gown



DenLine Protection Plus

Style DL175
Length 41"
Sizes S - 3XL

  • Fluid Resistant Front and Back — 360° Protection

    See video: Dental Medical

    Provides Splash Protection from Blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM). Assists employee compliance with OSHA 29CFR 1910.1030. During Dental Procedures, includes protection from saliva, aerosols from handpiece, ultrasonic scalers, air-water syringes.

    Tested AAMI PB70 Level 2 Barrier (Hydrostatic Pressure >325.0 mm, Impact Penetration <1.0 g) after 225 Commercial Washes (160° F)
  • One Piece Seamless Front, Open Back.
  • High Neck Coverage.
  • Ties At Neck And Back.
  • Textured Fabric does not slide off top of legs when seated, no separation.
  • Anti-Static Fabric - Black Carbon Yarns prevent Static Discharge during patient treatment, damage to computers, and computerized instruments.
  • Cuffs 4" Long, Comfortable, Stain Resistant, Low Pill, Spun Woven Polyester
  • Tapered Sleeves prevent catching on things when reaching. With the cuffs over-gloved, provides protection to the forearm.
  • Bar Tack Reinforced at Stress Points.
  • Autoclaveable (274°F/135°C for 5 minutes in Autoclave Pouch)

Product Design offers potential to provide only alternating sizes (i.e., S, L, 2XL, etc)…simplifies management of sizes, reduces out of stock situations.