DenLine Uniforms - DL200 Reusable Patient Covers


Quincy, Illinois, USA


Reusable Patient Covers


DenLine Protection Plus

Style DL200

  • Fabric – Fluid & Stain Resistant, 99% Polyester/1% Carbon, Continuous Filament, Textured Construction
  • Reusable 36" W x 52" L Patient Cover protects clothing from accidental spills and stains during treatment.
  • Fluid and Stain Resistant Fabric repels blood, bleach, prophy-paste, Astringedent®, etc. and all aqueous liquids.
  • Textured Fabric does not slide around during treatment, breathes for patient comfort (benefits vs. plastic).
  • Ceil Blue Color facilitates color matching.
  • Hot Water (160°F) or Warm Water (105°F to 135°F) with Bleach or Peroxide Sanitizes Cover.
  • Autoclavable (274°F) in Pouch for 4 Minutes to Sanitize.
  • Durable Fabric. Life 3 to 4 times cotton/polyester. Significantly lower cost than disposables.