DenLine Uniforms - DL360 UltraLite PF ZERO "Most Breathable" Unisex Lab Coats (41")


Quincy, Illinois, USA


DL360 UltraLite PF ZERO "Most Breathable" Unisex Lab Coats (41")

DenLine Protection Plus

User Comfort

AAMI PB70 Level 2 Fluid Resistance

Style Features...

DL360 UltraLite PF ZERO

Fabric Front Back
DenLine® Fluid & Stain Resistant Fabric.
99% Polyester/1% Carbon
Environmentally Friendly
Repellent Finish
DL360 UltraLite PF ZERO is Environmentally Friendly, PFOS and PFOA Free. PF ZERO Fabric is treated with non-fluorinated aqueous repellent chemistry where PFAS substances* are not intentionally added.
* Based on the PFAS Test Method Minimum Detection Limit
Fluid Resistance – Protects against Incidental Splash of Blood, OPIM, Aerosols, and ALL Aqueous Liquids
Areas of Body Protected – 360° Front & Back Yes Yes
Bio Safety Level Protection BSL-1 & BSL-2 BSL-1 & BSL-2
AATCC Test Results @ 200 Commercial Washes
Hydrostatic Pressure (AATCC 127) >27.5 cm
Impact Penetration (AATCC 42) <1.0 (g)
Comfort – Air Permeability, Measured in Cubic Feet /Min.(CFM) Air Flow
Front and Back Fabrics 35.0 CFM 35.0 CFM
Overall Coat Average 35.0 CFM
Comparable to This % Poly/Cotton 55/45
Stain Resistant - Repels all Aqueous Liquids (Blood, Bleach, Reagents)
NEW Black Color - Masks Ink and Marker Stains
Wrinkle Resistant Fabrics
Static Control
Surface Resistivity (Test Method 76) 107
Static Decay (FTMS 4046-101 C) < 1.0 sec.
Lint Free
Tested Clean Room ISO 5 (Class 100) – Suitable for Use in Clean Rooms
Pockets: “No Failure” Stitching. Double Stitched, Bar Tack Reinforced Top Corners.
90° Corners at Pocket Bottom – Prevents “Punch Out” of Corner Stitching During Life of Coat.
Snap Closures: “Lifetime Guaranteed, “ Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel.
Cuffs: Durable, Spun Woven, “Low Pill” Polyester, Comfortable, “Quick Dry” if Wet, Stain Resistant Finish.
Side Vents at Hip: Provide access to Pant Pockets; Prevent "Ride-Up" of Fabric when Sitting.
Autoclavable Fabric
Autoclavable in Pouch (274°F for 4 Minutes) Sanitizes Coat
Tested 200+ Commercial Wash and Dry Cycles
7.7 Year Coat Life at 26 washes/year: 4 Years at 50 washes/year
200+ Wash Rating
Wash Protocol - Same For All DenLine Styles
Wash Recommendations Furnished Meet CDC/HICPAC Recommendations for Sanitizing Bloodborne Linen
Commercial Wash: Hot Water (160°F) or Warm Water with Sanitizers (Peroxide or Bleach)
Internal Wash: Warm Water (105°F to 135°F) with Sanitizer
Finish: Steam Tunnel (260°F to 295°F): or Gas Dryer - Perm Press Cycle (165°F Maximum)