DenLine Uniforms - DL360 Unisex
Quincy, Illinois, USA

Unisex "Most Breathable" Lab Coats (41")

Unisex "Most Breathable" Lab Coat

DenLine UltraLite


Fluid & Stain Resistant, 99% Polyester/1% Carbon, Continuous Filament, Textured Construction
Fluid Resistance High Incidental Splash
Hydrostatic Pressure (AATCC 127) >275.0 mm
Garment Comfort
Air Permeability (ATSM D 737) 35.0 Cubic Ft./Min.
Breathability Comparable to 55% Poly/45% Cotton

"Most Breathable" Style Offers...

  • Durable Fluid Resistant Finish, Tested Repellent through 7 Years @ 26 Washes per Year (Industry Exclusive)
  • 360° Employee Protection, Fluid Resistant Front and Back for OSHA Compliance
  • Coats Designed to be Sanitized during Laundering for Employee Safety, Formula Meets CDC/HICPAC Recommendations for Processing Medical Linen.
    DL360 Launders with All Other DenLine Styles
  • Stain Resistant to All Aqueous Liquids (Blood, Bleach, Select Reagents)
  • Anti-Static Fabric - Prevents Damage to Computers, False Instrument Readings
  • Lint Free - Prevents Sample Contamination, Ideal for Molecular Applications
  • Side Vents for Improved Air Flow to Upper Body, No "Ride Up" when Sitting
  • Tapered Sleeves - Prevents Catching on Things When Reaching
  • Spun Woven Cuffs, Low Pill, "Quick Dry"

Durable Construction for "Trouble-Free" Wear Life

  • 3 "No-Fail" Pockets, Double Stitched, Bar Tack Reinforced
  • Heavy-Duty, Stainless-Steel Snaps — Lifetime Guaranteed*
* Continental US Only