DenLine Uniforms - DL361 UltraLite "Most Breathable" Unisex Lab Jacket (34")


Quincy, Illinois, USA


DL361 UltraLite "Most Breathable" Unisex Lab Jacket (34")

DenLine Protection Plus

User Comfort

AAMI PB70 Level 2 Fluid Resistance

Style Features...

DL361 UltraLite

Fabric Front Back
DenLine® Fluid & Stain Resistant Fabric.
99% Polyester/1% Carbon
Fluid Resistance – Protects against Incidental Splash of Blood, OPIM, Aerosols, and ALL Aqueous Liquids
Areas of Body Protected – 360° Front & Back Yes Yes
Bio Safety Level Protection BSL-1 & BSL-2 BSL-1 & BSL-2
AATCC Test Results @ 200 Commercial Washes
Hydrostatic Pressure (AATCC 127) >27.5 cm
Impact Penetration (AATCC 42) <1.0 (g)
Comfort – Air Permeability, Measured in Cubic Feet /Min.(CFM) Air Flow
Front and Back Fabrics 35.0 CFM 35.0 CFM
Overall Coat Average 35.0 CFM
Comparable to This % Poly/Cotton 55/45
Stain Resistant - Repels all Aqueous Liquids (Blood, Bleach, Reagents)
NEW Black Color - Masks Ink and Marker Stains
Wrinkle Resistant Fabrics
Static Control
Surface Resistivity (Test Method 76) 107
Static Decay (FTMS 4046-101 C) < 1.0 sec.
Lint Free
Tested Clean Room ISO 5 (Class 100) – Suitable for Use in Clean Rooms
Pockets: “No Failure” Stitching. Double Stitched, Bar Tack Reinforced Top Corners. (DL361A Upper Pocket Only)
90° Corners at Pocket Bottom – Prevents “Punch Out” of Corner Stitching During Life of Coat.
Snap Closures: “Lifetime Guaranteed, “ Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel.
Cuffs: Durable, Spun Woven, “Low Pill” Polyester, Comfortable, “Quick Dry” if Wet, Stain Resistant Finish.
Side Vents at Hip: Provide access to Pant Pockets; Prevent "Ride-Up" of Fabric when Sitting. (DL361A No Side Vents)
Autoclavable Fabric
Autoclavable in Pouch (274°F for 4 Minutes) Sanitizes Coat
Tested 200+ Commercial Wash and Dry Cycles
7.7 Year Coat Life at 26 washes/year: 4 Years at 50 washes/year
200+ Wash Rating
Wash Protocol - Same For All DenLine Styles
Wash Recommendations Furnished Meet CDC/HICPAC Recommendations for Sanitizing Bloodborne Linen
Commercial Wash: Hot Water (160°F) or Warm Water with Sanitizers (Peroxide or Bleach)
Internal Wash: Warm Water (105°F to 135°F) with Sanitizer
Finish: Steam Tunnel (260°F to 295°F): or Gas Dryer - Perm Press Cycle (165°F Maximum)